Employment screening services tackle criminal record searches state by state, county by county

It would be super-convenient if there was some magical nationwide database that held every criminal record of every person ever arrested or convicted of a crime. Unfortunately, that database does not exist. While there are private databases that hold millions of records from all 50 states, none claim to have all records from all states. And while many states have adequate databases of the crimes committed by residents of their states, they do not include crimes committed by current state residents while they lived in other states.

Using these private databases can be a good back-up measure, a resource to use to double-check the background information gleaned Pokies from other sources. But they shouldn’t be considered an exhaustive search.

The smartest thing for an employer to do is to hire a professional employment screening service that can attack the background check process thoroughly and systematically. Gathering previous addresses and former names used by the applicant in the last 10 years is a good first step, that way criminal records can be found in all states, counties and towns where the applicant has resided in the last decade.

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A professional pre-employment screening service will take care of such details for you, and will therefore give you the most thorough and trustworthy results.

Contractors Who Work At Schools, Health Care Facilities Should Undergo Background Checks

Employment background screening has been standard protocol for all schools, day care centers, nursing homes and other facilities and businesses that care for and supervise children, the aged and the sick. If you are involved in the school system or in health care, you are no doubt well aware of the policies and procedures necessary when hiring someone. They include a thorough background check, including a criminal background screening and drug testing.

But businesses outside those two categories — health care and education/child care — are increasingly finding themselves in the position of having the backgrounds of their employees called into question when working for or where can i buy electronic cigarettes even near schools and health care facilities. For example, a new piece of legislation in Delaware, if passed, would require all employees of contractors and subcontractors working on school premises to undergo a criminal background check and a child protection registry check.

If a contract your company wins means your employees will be working near students or other vulnerable people, chances are they’re going to need to undergo a criminal background screening. It’s best to have such records on file from the start, which is why pre-employment screening is so important for businesses across all industries.

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Match.coms Move Toward Background Checks A Sign of The Times

Online dating opened the door to a whole new world for people hoping to meet Mr. or Miss Right. But now some in the popular industry are realizing they need to more carefully scrutinize who they let in that door. Online dating service Match.com recently announced it would begin conducting background checks on its members by cross-checking users against a national sex offender registry. The decision came in response to an alleged sexual assault that occurred by a Match.com member on a date set up by the dating service. A lawsuit has been filed against them in the case.


The move is a simple step but a significant one, and is most likely Pokies a harbinger of other changes to come. While more employers in businesses across all industries have been recognizing the need for thorough a background check on employees, all those in the business of people — child care, elder care, health care, dating services, churches, support groups and the like — should heed the call to conduct a comprehensive criminal background screening to make sure they don’t have a criminal record.


Such screening can provide protection against online predators with previous criminal convictions, including assaults, domestic violence, burglary, fraud, identity theft, drug offenses and many other crimes that could endanger the welfare of other employees, members or patrons. 



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