Top 5 Excuses for Not Background Screening And Why They Are Inaccurate

So you’re not going to background screen your new employees?  If that’s the case, chances are good that you’re using one of the excuses below. 


Before you totally ditch the idea of background checking potential workers, we urge you to read through our feelings on the most common excuses we hear against background screening.


1.  There aren’t really that many criminals out there.  It’s all a bunch of hype.


Are you really prepared to bet your company’s bottom line on this?  Surprisingly, there are plenty of criminals out there… and they don’t come with signage.  In fact, more people than ever are telling “little white lies” on their resumes.  You can’t ferret them out without background screening.


2.  Background screening is very, very expensive.


The opposite is actually true.  Though you will pay a cost for comprehensive background screening measures, the more people you hire, the less you’ll pay per person.  In the end, it definitely is an investment in the security of your company and personnel.


3.  I can do my own background screening online.


This is half-true.  You can do a lot of checking via Google electronic cigarette supplier china and other sources.  But you aren’t going to get the full picture.  That cannot be done online alone.


4.  Background screening is for big companies, not for my small business.


We hear this quite often, and it’s not accurate.  In fact, small businesses have more to lose in some ways if they make a bad hire than do their larger counterparts!  For instance, if you only have 15 people working for you and one of them is a criminal, 1/15th of your staff is a problem.  If you have 500 people working for you and one of them is a criminal, that’s 1/500th of your staff. 


5.  How much damage can one person really do?  I watch my books like a hawk!


You may think you’re the best manager of your finances… but smart thieves have been known to pull the wool over the eyes of the most competent supervisors.  It’s not your fault; it’s just that if a criminal wants to do something badly enough, he or she will find a way to try to make it happen.

Still think that background screening is unnecessary for your company?

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3 Reasons to Background Check Interns

If you’re an organization that is giving interns (e.g., high schoolers, college-age individuals, non-traditional students) an opportunity to learn at your company, bravo!  What you’re doing is invaluable… but don’t forget that you still need to take precautions.  And that includes background checking all interns.


Why?  Below are 3 terrific reasons to always background check the interns who are coming through your doors:


1.  Interns Have Access to Information


Just because they’re called interns, you can never forget that they’ll have access to customer data and information.  Would you want someone with a criminal record to have that kind of opportunity?


2.  Interns Need to Get Accustomed to Being Background Checked


Any intern has to realize that he or she is going to be background checked in a “real world” situation, too.  And they might as well start their education at your business.


3.  You May Want to Hire the Intern in the Future


Perhaps you’d get lucky and really like the intern who works for you.  In that case, you will have already vetted him or her through a comprehensive background check!

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Washington State Santas Not Required to Be Background Checked

It’s enough to turn any parent into a grinch:  In Washington state, background checking of mall Santas isn’t mandatory.

This comes as a shock to the guardians of little ones who assume that the lap their youngsters are sitting on has been properly vetted via a comprehensive background screening process.

The Levitra 10mg upshot?  Many companies who employ the jolly old elf’s helpers have chosen to background check all employees as a way to avoid problems.  After all, they realize that a lawsuit isn’t worth it. 

Here’s hoping that ALL of mall Santas’ employers in Washington follow suit in the years to come.

Protecting Your Workplace with Background Checks Is a Must

As a 21st century employer, saying “We didn’t know!” when it comes to the past of an employee who winds up committing a crime just doesn’t cut it.  Not only doesn’t anyone care, but it doesn’t necessarily absolve the employer from legal ramifications, either.

The solution, of course, is to comprehensively background check every single person who is on the payroll.  That way, past misdeeds will surface quickly and decisions can be made by upper management in terms of whether or not to offer smokeless electronic cigarette the individual the job.

Not only can a background check protect you in this kind of public relations sense, but it can also protect you in many other ways, including:

  • Employee morale;
  • Sales and profits;
  • Attrition;
  • Reputation;
  • Property; and more!

If you’ve worried that a background checking policy is going to anger new hires, don’t fall into that kind of trap.  Many companies are moving to a background screening process and potential employees know it.  So… there’s no need to avoid background checking.

Background Checks – Important for Foster Parent Placements

In America, there are over half a million children waiting to be placed into foster parents’ homes; not surprisingly, agencies that find and support would-be foster parents are constantly looking for people who are willing to open their residences to kids who need them.  But it’s important for prospective foster parents to realize that they should be background checked to ensure that they are a good match for this important role.


Unfortunately, we’ve all heard hair-raising stories about foster parents that make the foster care system sound as if it’s been overlooking background checks in a flurry to get anyone and everyone into the foster parenting role.  While this is certainly understandable on some level, it can have disastrous results, especially for the innocent children.


Of course, background checks alone are not guarantors of successful foster parents.  Those who pass background checks also must have a strong amount of commitment, patience and love to weather the storminess that comes with foster parenting territory.  They must also take courses such as CPR training, sit through special classes and undergo medical physicals that test for communicable diseases like TB.   


However, background checking can and will add more than a modicum of protection for the youngsters who are so often in American-based foster homes for 1-5 years


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Virtual Employees Should Still Be Background Checked

Do you find yourself hiring “virtual” employees, such as virtual assistants or freelance workers?  If so, you should be background checking these individuals just as you would background check someone who was coming to your organization day-in, day-out.

Surprisingly, a great deal of businesses forget to background check these types of virtual employees.  Perhaps it’s an out-of-sight, out-of-mind issue; or maybe they don’t think the virtual employee can do much harm.  But in the end, it’s short-sighted, especially in an era when the Internet allows bad press to immediately become available.

Before you ever cut a paycheck to a virtual employee (or, Heaven forbid, give him or her access to your network or customer database), find out who he or she really is with a background check.  It doesn’t have to cost much, either; it’s more of an “insurance policy” against bringing someone unacceptable into your team.

Protect your reputation — background check any and all virtual employees you may never meet in person but who are doing business under your corporate moniker.

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Rehoboth Votes Down Background Checks for Elected and Appointed Town Officials

Sometimes, background check related news is positive; sometimes, it’s not.  In terms of a recent media item from Rehoboth, DE, the latter is the case.


At a Rehoboth town meeting on November 15th, Article 14 was defeated.  Article 14 would have enabled the Board of Selectmen to establish criminal background checks on any men or women who wish to become elected/appointed town officials.  If the criminal background checks came back with a felony conviction on the person’s record, he or she would be ineligible to hold the position or office.


Throughout the country, similar measures have passed in a variety of towns, counties and cities; but in Rehoboth, the story is different.  The majority of voters felt that background checking for felonies was a potential invasion of privacy.  Thus, Article 14 never got off the ground.


In the end, it’s hoped that Article 14 will rise from the ashes again; after all, background checks are critical in today’s political and professional arena.  Generally speaking, the only ones who have anything to fear are typically those individuals with something to hide.  And if that’s the case, it’s important that they not be given positions of power without full disclosure of their pasts.


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Almost Half of Employers Do Not Background Check for Credit Problems

A recent poll conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) revealed that a whopping 40% of all organizations surveyed do not conduct credit background checks on job candidates.

This statistic is alarming for a number of reasons, most notably:

  • If these employers aren’t background checking for credit problems in potential workers, they are probably “missing the boat” in other areas, too.
  • With unemployment being so high, many applicants have serious credit issues.  This can lead some individuals to make questionable decisions on the job, especially if they have access to money.
  • Employers who do not background check for credit issues could be setting themselves up for serious future issues and liability.

Our recommendation is for all companies to perform comprehensive background checks which include credit checks, just to be sure.

5 Solid Reasons to Background Check Your Employees

Not background checking your employees?  Here are 5 reasons you might want to reconsider your position…

1. Diploma Mills

These are pesky places that allow people to buy degrees.  They aren’t real degrees, but they’ve fooled more than one employer in the past.

2.  Resume Lies 

You might be shocked at how many individuals are taking the liberty of adding to their resumes.  From lying about past positions to past employers, there’s probably nothing we haven’t seen before.

3.  Bad References 

If you don’t background check your employees, do you at least call all their references?  Most employers don’t, so they don’t realize that, sometimes, references are just made-up people with made-up phone numbers.

4.  Liability 

Let’s say you hire Bob and you find out months down the line that Bob is a registered sex offender or a criminal because he does something to one of your employees, customers or vendors?  Guess who is going to bear some of the brunt of the liability or at least be made the “bad guy” by the media?

5.  Safety 

Above all else, background checking employees provides you with a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you’ve made your workplace as safe as possible for everyone within your sphere of influence.

Does Advertising That You Background Check Net You Better Employees?

If you’re a company that regularly background checks all applicants, congratulations!  You’re obviously taking the future of your business very seriously, and that’s to be lauded. 

What we at VerifyProtect would like to know is whether you think that your dedication to background checking potential hirees has helped you net better employees?

For instance:

1.  Do you feel that the quality of your employee base has increased since implementing background checks?

2.  Do you get fewer “so-so” resumes because you announce that you background check applicants in your job advertisements?

3.  Do your employees tend to stay with your company longer because they have a greater sense of security that you actually do care about them?

Please let us know in the comments section of this blog!  We look forward to hearing from you!