Top 5 Excuses for Not Background Screening And Why They Are Inaccurate

So you’re not going to background screen your new employees?  If that’s the case, chances are good that you’re using one of the excuses below. 


Before you totally ditch the idea of background checking potential workers, we urge you to read through our feelings on the most common excuses we hear against background screening.


1.  There aren’t really that many criminals out there.  It’s all a bunch of hype.


Are you really prepared to bet your company’s bottom line on this?  Surprisingly, there are plenty of criminals out there… and they don’t come with signage.  In fact, more people than ever are telling “little white lies” on their resumes.  You can’t ferret them out without background screening.


2.  Background screening is very, very expensive.


The opposite is actually true.  Though you will pay a cost for comprehensive background screening measures, the more people you hire, the less you’ll pay per person.  In the end, it definitely is an investment in the security of your company and personnel.


3.  I can do my own background screening online.


This is half-true.  You can do a lot of checking via Google electronic cigarette supplier china and other sources.  But you aren’t going to get the full picture.  That cannot be done online alone.


4.  Background screening is for big companies, not for my small business.


We hear this quite often, and it’s not accurate.  In fact, small businesses have more to lose in some ways if they make a bad hire than do their larger counterparts!  For instance, if you only have 15 people working for you and one of them is a criminal, 1/15th of your staff is a problem.  If you have 500 people working for you and one of them is a criminal, that’s 1/500th of your staff. 


5.  How much damage can one person really do?  I watch my books like a hawk!


You may think you’re the best manager of your finances… but smart thieves have been known to pull the wool over the eyes of the most competent supervisors.  It’s not your fault; it’s just that if a criminal wants to do something badly enough, he or she will find a way to try to make it happen.

Still think that background screening is unnecessary for your company?

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United States Not the Only Place That Should Background Check Workers

kid-in-tunnelSome Americans may think we’re the only place that worries about whether employees are background checked and verified before entering the workforce, but it’s really a global issue.

Case in point — recently, an Australian child agency came under fire when it came to light that the agency wasn’t completing background checks on foster parents (known as “carers” Down Under) as required by law.

The agency, Life without Barriers, gets a hefty chunk of change from the state (more than $100 million annually) to operate.  Thus, the background check issue came to light after an audit of the organization that had grown rapidly over the past few years.

As papers around the globe are now reporting, Life without Barriers made many decisions that could have cost children their promise of a safe haven.  In once instance, Life without Barriers allowed a foster parent to be part of their agency even though the parent had lost his/her children due to his/her domestic violence.  Other stories are comparably horrifying.

Of the foster parents involved with Life without Barriers, over half never went through the Australian “Working with Children Check”, a comprehensive background check that’s meant to protect the kids.  Even more shocking, almost two thirds of the foster parents had not gone through any kind of criminal background check.

It’s wonderful that this has come to light, but it highlights just how pervasive a problem it can be when an organization is supposed to background screen but instead takes the “easy way out”.  In the end, the piper will always be paid.

4 NEW Reasons to Background Check Applicants

Think you know all the reasons to background check new hires?  Here are 4 you might not have considered!

  1. Your applicant could be lying about ANYTHING on his/her resume.  It’s true.  From dates to company names to titles… and what employer wants to spend the time ferreting that information out?  It’s better to pay a background screening company to do their job!
  2. You can tell vendors that your background check all employees.  That way, they feel safe and comfortable doing business with you.  And speaking of security…
  3. You can have a better assurance that you won’t be putting your current employees at risk by ushering a “wolf” into the fold.  And that lets you sleep at night.
  4. You can market the fact that you background screen all new hires.  This has a two-fold advantage.  First, the public knows you’re serious about safety.  And secondly, anyone who wants a job at your company will realize he/she has to pass a background check.
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  • 5 Reasons Employers Don’t Background Screen, part two

    Welcome back to our series on the top excuses why employers aren’t always background screening

    If you missed part one of our series, check it out here!

    Below are the final 2 of the top 5 reasons organizations aren’t regularly background screening new employees…

    (False) Reason #4:  Background Screening Is Difficult

    We really hear this a lot.  That’s because many businesses think it’s up to them to do the background screening legwork. 

    While it’s true that they need to do some of the paperwork, we’ve taken the brunt of the tough stuff off their shoulders.  That way, they can focus on what they need to do and get their background screening results back fast.

    (False) Reason #5:  Background Screening Is Only for Big Companies

    Oh, boy.  This is a huge fallacy that we’d like to put to rest right now.

    Background checks are for every company of every size.  Period.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a teeny tiny business or a large one.  Having someone on staff who hasn’t been properly (and thoroughly) background screened is dangerous.

    So is there any reason not to background check?  We don’t think so.  And believe us — we’ve seen it all! 

    To protect yourself, you need to be careful about who you hire.  And background screening should always be part of the equation.

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  • 5 Reasons Employers Don’t Background Screen, part one

    With all the hubbub these days about protecting our companies, our client, our clients’ information, etc., it’s interesting (and a bit shocking) to realize that many, many organizations don’t background screen new hires.

    Below are the top 5 reasons (you could even say “excuses”) that we hear when we ask, “Why don’t you background screen on a regular basis?”  We’ve included our two cents, too…

    (False) Reason #1:  Background Screening Is Expensive

    This seems to be a “catch-all” statement that corporations make when they don’t want to do something.  “It’s expensive,” they say.  Then they go out and spend their monies on wooing a client with a $200 lunch. 

    Now, there’s no reason not to woo that client; hey, that makes great business sense if a sale seems likely.  So why don’t they use that same mentality to apply to background screening?  After all, investing in new hires is very much like investing in potential clientele.

    (False) Reason #2:  Background Screening Will Cause Us to Lose Applicants

    Okay, now this could be true… but it’s usually not a problem. 

    The people who would NOT apply because they know a company performs background checks are often the same individuals who would not pass a background screening.  Thus, the fact that they know what’s going to happen encourages them to self-select.

    (False) Reason #3:  Background Screening Doesn’t Tell Us Everything

    Okay… there’s some truth to this.  Background screening isn’t 100% infallible.  Sometimes, items can slip through the cracks… but it’s not very likely and we try as hard as we can to NEVER allow this to happen.  (And we have a terrific track record to back us up on this!)  

    Besides, is that a reason to not do it at all?  It’s like saying that you shouldn’t bother to take a shower every day because you’re just going to get dirty…  It might hold a grain of truth, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    In part two of our series on 5 Reasons Employers Don’t Background Screen, we’ll tackle the last two statements we often hear…

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  • 5 Reasons to Background Screen Your Freelance Staff

    A lot of companies have recognized just how much of a cost savings they can see when they hire freelance staff to perform various functions.  From virtual CFOs to marketers, freelancers are ready to tackle projects.  But that doesn’t mean you should forgo common sense when hiring them

    Below are 5 great reasons to background screen all freelance staff members:

    1. They’ll be representing your company.  The public won’t care if they are freelance or not if they do something wrong!
    2. They will likely have access to some confidential data.  Can you afford a breach?
    3. Their past nefarious decisions can ruin your reputation.  Who wants to hire someone with a criminal record a mile long?
    4. They might not be who they say they are.  We all know people sometimes lie on their resumes.  Who’s to say your freelancer isn’t stretching the truth?
    5. A reference checkcan tell you so much.  If you call the freelancer’s references, you’ll have a better idea of whether to move forward with him or her.

    Don’t take a chance!  Background screen anyone on your team, even those who aren’t full-time employees.

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  • 5 Low-Cost Ways to Ensure Your Hiring Processes are Solid

    Are your hiring processes up to par?If you haven’t been happy with the way your company finds, screens and retains new employees, try these 5 low-cost ways to ensure that you’re getting the right people.

    1. Shorten Your Hiring Cycle

    Studies have shown that, for certain jobs (such as those in sales and customer service), the longer your hiring cycle, the lower your chances of snagging the best people for the job. This doesn’t mean you should rush through your hiring processes, of course, but if you have unnecessary lag time, it’s a good idea to identify and eliminate it.

    2. Pick Background Screening Packages That Make Sense

    It doesn’t make sense for you to background screen every position the exact same way. If you’re currently performing the same checks on every new person that walks through the door, you’re spending money needlessly. (FYI – Click here for a fast way to determine what kind of background screening each employee needs.)

    3. Teach Your Managers How to Interview

    Can this be stressed enough? It’s critical that everyone in your company understand the most efficient ways to determine if a job candidate is worth pursuing. In fact, you may even want to hold a class on how to read a resume (or CV). Don’t assume that managers have these skills already; many of them have never had any education in this area.

    4. Ask Current Employees about Their Hiring Experience with Your Company

    Check around and see how current employees felt about the way they were hired by your organization. Did they feel it was professionally handled? Were they bothered by any aspect of it? What would they suggest changing? (You may want to position this as an anonymous questionnaire to elicit genuine responses.)

    5. Put a System (or Systems) into Place

    If you don’t have a hiring system in place, it’s time to start. Your hiring system doesn’t have to be complicated, either. It’s just a step-by-step explanation of how you go about getting from the “we’re looking for a person” phase to the “welcome aboard” phase.

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  • More Schools Requiring Volunteer Background Checks

    If you’ve been following our recent tweets, you’ll notice that we’ve been talking a lot about schools instituting regular background checks on all volunteers.

    For many parents, it may come as a shock that there are schools that don’t background screen any person who has access to their child(ren).  After all, school is supposed to be a “safe” place for kids to go.  But there are many schools that deem such actions as “too costly” to undertake.

    If you’re a mom or dad, take a moment and find out if your school conducts any sort of background checks on volunteers.  And if you find out the answer is “no”, ask yourself if you feel 100% secure in the knowledge that any person (i.e., a sexual offender, a person with a criminal history) can be in a position to work with your youngster.

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  • Does Your Kid’s Summer Camp Background Screen Counselors?

    It’s March, which means parents are starting to mull over the question:  “What is my son/daughter going to do this summer?”  For many families, the answer is some type of camp, whether residential or day-based.

    But before sending any child away from the home to be under the care of strangers, it’s important for moms, dads and grandparents to be assured that the people watching out for those youngsters have been background screened.

    Unfortunately, not all summer camps have a standard background screening process, especially those that are only a few hours per day in length.  Why?  Quite honestly, from the camp directors’ viewpoints, background screening is often considered to be “unnecessary”.  However, we all know that one bad employee can bring down an organization quickly and publicly.

    To all the mothers and fathers out there — be certain to ask whether your child’s instructors and counselors have been thoroughly background checked.  And to camp organizers everywhere — please know that the small amount of money you’ll spend background screening your employees will be well worth it in the long run.

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  • The Simple Way to Choose the Background Screening You Need

    You know you need to background screen new employees… but how do you decide what kind of background screening someone like Angela in accounting needs versus what Dwight in sales needs?  (Any “Office” fans out there…?)

    At VerifyProtect, we’ve developed a tool to help you instantly decide which background screening package is right for you.  It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s accurate.  Oh, and it’s right here.

    All you have to do is answer a few questions, such as what type of position your new hire will have, whether or not the person will handle money and other various factors.  It’s the quickest, most reliable way to choose what you need to keep your company safe.

    Oh, and if you’re wondering… we would recommend at a bare minimum that Angela’s position be required to pass a multi-state criminal screening, pre-employment credit report, statewide criminal screening and previous employer verification.  For Dwight, we’d recommend a social security search/trace, multi-state criminal screening, previous employer verification and statewide criminal check.

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