In Texas, paperwork gets pushed around while felons slip through cracks in background checks

A recent state audit in Texas has revealed that courts and prosecutors throughout the state seem to take months to submit arrests and convictions for arson, burglary, and more serious crimes. They are supposed to submit such convictions in a timely manner, but according to the audit, more than a quarter of the arrests are not showing up on state background checks because local police agencies and county courthouses are lagging on their responsibilities for filing such paperwork with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

That means a prospective employee could pass a pre-employment background check with flying colors, even though he was recently arrested or convicted of a serious crime, simply because his criminal file is not yet in the system. The audit report dug into all arrests made statewide in 2009 and it found that more than a quarter of the crimes had still not been reported to Texas DPS as of January 2011.

The findings are a potential safety blow to employers across the state and elsewhere that have been relying on statewide background checks to assist them in making hiring decisions.

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Match.coms Move Toward Background Checks A Sign of The Times

Online dating opened the door to a whole new world for people hoping to meet Mr. or Miss Right. But now some in the popular industry are realizing they need to more carefully scrutinize who they let in that door. Online dating service recently announced it would begin conducting background checks on its members by cross-checking users against a national sex offender registry. The decision came in response to an alleged sexual assault that occurred by a member on a date set up by the dating service. A lawsuit has been filed against them in the case.


The move is a simple step but a significant one, and is most likely Pokies a harbinger of other changes to come. While more employers in businesses across all industries have been recognizing the need for thorough a background check on employees, all those in the business of people — child care, elder care, health care, dating services, churches, support groups and the like — should heed the call to conduct a comprehensive criminal background screening to make sure they don’t have a criminal record.


Such screening can provide protection against online predators with previous criminal convictions, including assaults, domestic violence, burglary, fraud, identity theft, drug offenses and many other crimes that could endanger the welfare of other employees, members or patrons. 



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