Want to Become a Reality TV Star? Be Prepared for Intensive Background Checks!

After several fiascos regarding reality TV stars in the past year (not the least of which was a shocking murder/suicide), anyone wishing to join the Real World cast or “Survivor” will have to submit to intensive background checks.

How will these background checks differ from those previously done for reality stars and starlets?  First of all, they’ll actually be followed through.  (There’s been much speculation that certain checks weren’t completed at all for some reality show contestants.)  Secondly, casting directors and producers will be more inclined to delve beyond a simple credit check or criminal check into the “meat” of an actor’s or model’s past. 

So does this mean an end to flamboyant reality TV icons like VH-1′s “New York” or the “Real Housewives”?  Probably not… just as long as they can get past a thorough screening process.

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