In One Colorado School District, All Visitors Are Background Checked

This comes on the heels of yesterday’s post…

A school district in Colorado has now implemented a new system of protecting its kids and staff – the instantaneous background checking of every person who comes into the district’s buildings.

This type of “instant” background checking is accomplished through a “read” of the person’s driver’s licenses.  The prospective visitor hands his or her driver’s license to someone in the office, and the license is immediately scanned.  If the person has a sexual criminal record or another problem that would preclude him or her from coming into the school, he or she is denied access to enter.

Office staff feel comfortable with the new system and most visitors seem to have no problem with the procedure.  However, there are those who do find it to be problematic, especially for someone without a driver’s license.

What do you think?  Would you like this type of accountability at the schools in your area?

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