Settles Lawsuit by Agreeing to Background Checks

Last week Internet dating site agreed to conduct background checks on its members in order to settle a lawsuit brought by a woman who was raped by a man she met on the dating service website. The man had six previous convictions for sexual offenses. He pleaded “no contest” to a charge of sexual battery and is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 19.

Before the lawsuit, was not conducting background checks on its members, despite the fact that another former member also had been convicted of raping his date. Instead included disclaimers on its website that advised members to meet in public places and take other safety precautions.

But because it is sending potential dates to other members, there will be more responsibility taken to lessen the risk of harm being done to a member by using background checks and sex offender registries to weed out those with criminal records.

The development signals a probable shift in the way other online dating services conduct business as well. Industry experts and lawyers expect other dating sites to follow suit with some kind of formal, across-the-board criminal background check.

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Match.coms Move Toward Background Checks A Sign of The Times

Online dating opened the door to a whole new world for people hoping to meet Mr. or Miss Right. But now some in the popular industry are realizing they need to more carefully scrutinize who they let in that door. Online dating service recently announced it would begin conducting background checks on its members by cross-checking users against a national sex offender registry. The decision came in response to an alleged sexual assault that occurred by a member on a date set up by the dating service. A lawsuit has been filed against them in the case.


The move is a simple step but a significant one, and is most likely Pokies a harbinger of other changes to come. While more employers in businesses across all industries have been recognizing the need for thorough a background check on employees, all those in the business of people — child care, elder care, health care, dating services, churches, support groups and the like — should heed the call to conduct a comprehensive criminal background screening to make sure they don’t have a criminal record.


Such screening can provide protection against online predators with previous criminal convictions, including assaults, domestic violence, burglary, fraud, identity theft, drug offenses and many other crimes that could endanger the welfare of other employees, members or patrons. 



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Would Background Checking Applicants Benefit Online Dating Services?

If you’ve ever been set up on a really bad blind date, you know how valuable it would have been to had that date “screened”, at least informally.  But how about formally?

There’s a move afoot to encourage online dating services to background check their applicants in order to better serve the customers looking for friendship, love or companionship. 

Would background checks actually help?  We definitely think so — check out these top three advantages to online dating sites’ comprehensively screening clients:

→ There would be a smaller, but stronger, pool of candidates from which to choose.

→ The online dating company could ask for a premium price.

→ The clients of online dating sites would feel more comfortable with this kind of “cyber dating” knowing that part of the worry has been erased.

This isn’t to say that background checking would be a cure-all for every concern a dater has.  But it could produce huge advantages for both the clients and the company. 

We’ll keep you posted if/when we learn of an online dating service that’s switched over to background checks

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