Making Taxi Cabs Safer in Santa Monica

Have you ever gotten into a taxi and suddenly wondered, “Is this driver an okay person?”  It’s a strange situation to be in – you need to go somewhere, but you’re suddenly realizing that you’ve gotten into a vehicle with an individual about whom you know nothing.


In Santa Monica, CA, steps are being taken to remedy that fear.  Namely, making certain all cabbies have been properly background checked before they can get behind the wheel of a taxi.


The new leah remini pokies law that recently passed states that the Santa Monica City Hall has the right to background check taxi cab drivers for the protection of riders. 


Though some taxi cab franchise owners from Santa Monica feel that the move is invasive, City Hall is sticking to its guns.  In their defense, they cite the reality that knowledge is power… and the more they know about cabbies, the better chance they have to avoid problems in the future.


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Rehoboth Votes Down Background Checks for Elected and Appointed Town Officials

Sometimes, background check related news is positive; sometimes, it’s not.  In terms of a recent media item from Rehoboth, DE, the latter is the case.


At a Rehoboth town meeting on November 15th, Article 14 was defeated.  Article 14 would have enabled the Board of Selectmen to establish criminal background checks on any men or women who wish to become elected/appointed town officials.  If the criminal background checks came back with a felony conviction on the person’s record, he or she would be ineligible to hold the position or office.


Throughout the country, similar measures have passed in a variety of towns, counties and cities; but in Rehoboth, the story is different.  The majority of voters felt that background checking for felonies was a potential invasion of privacy.  Thus, Article 14 never got off the ground.


In the end, it’s hoped that Article 14 will rise from the ashes again; after all, background checks are critical in today’s political and professional arena.  Generally speaking, the only ones who have anything to fear are typically those individuals with something to hide.  And if that’s the case, it’s important that they not be given positions of power without full disclosure of their pasts.


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Background Checking Takes Guesswork Out of Hiring Process

If you’ve ever had to interview a job candidate, you know that there can be a ton of guesswork involved for both parties.  But when you add background checking to the mix, you take away much of that guesswork, replacing it with solid facts.

What elements of guesswork does background checking candidates for positions at your company help to remove?

  1. Fear of Hiring Someone with a Criminal Past. 
  2. Worry That There is Something Wrong on Resume That You’re Not Catching.
  3. Concern That You’ll Be Opening the Doors to Future Lawsuits.
  4. Fear of Hiring the “Wrong” Person for the Job.
  5. Worry That the Person You’re Interviewing isn’t Being Truthful.

Systematic, comprehensive background checking on all job candidates will make your job much easier.  Rather than relying on your “gut”, you’ll have specific information that will enable you to make hiring decisions about which you can feel wholly comfortable. 

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