Top 5 Excuses for Not Background Screening And Why They Are Inaccurate

So you’re not going to background screen your new employees?  If that’s the case, chances are good that you’re using one of the excuses below. 


Before you totally ditch the idea of background checking potential workers, we urge you to read through our feelings on the most common excuses we hear against background screening.


1.  There aren’t really that many criminals out there.  It’s all a bunch of hype.


Are you really prepared to bet your company’s bottom line on this?  Surprisingly, there are plenty of criminals out there… and they don’t come with signage.  In fact, more people than ever are telling “little white lies” on their resumes.  You can’t ferret them out without background screening.


2.  Background screening is very, very expensive.


The opposite is actually true.  Though you will pay a cost for comprehensive background screening measures, the more people you hire, the less you’ll pay per person.  In the end, it definitely is an investment in the security of your company and personnel.


3.  I can do my own background screening online.


This is half-true.  You can do a lot of checking via Google electronic cigarette supplier china and other sources.  But you aren’t going to get the full picture.  That cannot be done online alone.


4.  Background screening is for big companies, not for my small business.


We hear this quite often, and it’s not accurate.  In fact, small businesses have more to lose in some ways if they make a bad hire than do their larger counterparts!  For instance, if you only have 15 people working for you and one of them is a criminal, 1/15th of your staff is a problem.  If you have 500 people working for you and one of them is a criminal, that’s 1/500th of your staff. 


5.  How much damage can one person really do?  I watch my books like a hawk!


You may think you’re the best manager of your finances… but smart thieves have been known to pull the wool over the eyes of the most competent supervisors.  It’s not your fault; it’s just that if a criminal wants to do something badly enough, he or she will find a way to try to make it happen.

Still think that background screening is unnecessary for your company?

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Diploma Mills Alive and Well

It’s a tough job market out there… and for some applicants, that’s enough of a fact to turn them towards bad behavior and practices.  One of the problems that’s becoming more worrisome than ever to employers is the rise of the diploma mill.

We’ve discussed diploma mills here before, but it’s very important for employers to be reminded of their existence.  Diploma mills provide a job applicant with a legitimate-looking and sounding higher “education” credential.  Thus, his or her resume appears to be much more well-rounded and solid.

Though many employers believe they can ferret out diploma mills, it’s essential to note that they don’t have names like “ABC University”; instead, the diploma mills choose university monikers that easily sound like common college names.  And the resumes pass by busy human resources personnel without problem.

One way to determine if an applicant’s educational background is real or simply paid-for (or even made up, which is a subject for another post), is to do some research in-house.  Google the University, double check its authenticity and give a call to the admissions office.  Of course, this takes time… something that most businesses would give an arm and a leg to have more of.

That’s why the second way to determine if an applicant’s resume includes the name of a diploma mill is a bit better — hire a firm to conduct background screening checks.  That way, the company doesn’t have to do it internally but the job will still get done.

In the end, if employers want to hire right, they need to hire smart.

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  • Background Checks Ferret Out Those Who Use “Diploma Mills”

    If you’re an employer and you’re not familiar with the term “diploma mill“, you should be.  Diploma mills are made-up educational institutions where individuals can essentially pay for a copy of a diploma that looks real.  Thus, when they apply for jobs, they can say they have a BA, BS, MBA… even JD.  Fortunately, background checks can and do ferret out such deceptions.

    Don’t think you can simply “tell” who is apt to use a diploma mill, either; there are plenty of out-of-work men and women these days due to the economic downturn.  And desperation can sometimes lead to unethical behavior.  That’s one of the reasons that it’s absolutely critical for all potential employees to be expected to undergo a comprehensive background check.

    Again, it’s just one more way that you can protect your employees, customers, vendors and, if applicable, volunteers from persons who should not be representing your business.

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  • Should Your Nonprofit Organization Make Volunteer Background Checks Mandatory?

    Are you involved with a nonprofit organization?

    If so, does it have mandatory background checks for volunteers?

    If you said “no”, don’t feel ashamed, as you’re probably in the majority. Surprisingly, a good number of volunteer organizations – even many dealing with kids – have no policy of background checking the people who help out. And that can mean a world of problems down the road.

    Want some reasons to implement background screening for your volunteers? We’ll give you three biggies:

    1. Do your volunteers ever collect money for the organization? If they do, how do you know that cash is getting to your nonprofit? A criminal background check can ferret out people who have sketchy histories when it comes to dealing with dollars.
    2. Do your volunteers ever have any opportunity to be with kids (even if it’s not “alone time”)? If you said “yes”, you can imagine what could happen if one of your helpers turned out to have a history as a sex offender or criminal.  This is the era of the Internet and news will travel faster than you think.
    3. Do your volunteers ever drive on behalf of your organization? If their driving records include DUIs or other vehicle-related incidents and there’s ever an accident, guess who will get blamed?

    Now, we know that many volunteer organizations balk at the thought of paying for background checks.  After all, it’s a common misconception that screening costs an arm and a leg… and most nonprofits have little to spare.   However, conducting background checks is not nearly as pricey as most people believe. In fact, it’s much more affordable than the bad press that one incident can create.

    Be safe and keep your organization healthy.  Always background check your volunteers.

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