Measures being taken to make online dating safer

Last month three of the largest online dating websites – eHarmony,, and Spark Networks – along with California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris issued a Joint Statement of Key Principles of Online Dating Site Safety, in which they espoused the importance of background checks on dating website members in an effort to avoid making dating site members vulnerable to sexual predators. The statement also aims to protect online dating website members from identity theft and scams.

Last week the Illinois Senate passed legislation that would require online dating websites that offer services in Illinois to clearly disclose whether or not they conduct criminal background checks on all members. The bill also would make it so online dating sites must disclose whether they admit members who have criminal records, and use government databases, including criminal court records and sex offender registries.

If it passes, those who are found to be in violation of the law could be fined up to $50,000 per violation. The measure, just like the joint statement issued last month, is indicative of a trend in social networking and online dating – where people often get to know each other before they even meet face to face – to take more precautions to make sure members are kept safe.


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Develop a Hiring Process… Today!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is — you need to make certain that you’ve regulated your hiring process.  If you don’t currently have a system in place, you definitely need to do so… pronto!

To get started, you only need to put together a document that describes the hiring process, step-by-step.  For instance, Step One could be:  Determine the complete job description for the position to be advertised.  From there, it will be relatively easy to figure out how to make sure your hiring process is as air-tight as it can possibly be.

One thing — don’t forget to include background screening in your hiring process.  As you chart the your course for getting great employees on board, you should always have measures in place that protect your company — background checking every potential hiree is one of those measures.

The best part of having a hiring process in place?  Anyone can pick up the ball and run with it!  All they have to do is follow directions… and that makes your company even stronger.

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Rehoboth Votes Down Background Checks for Elected and Appointed Town Officials

Sometimes, background check related news is positive; sometimes, it’s not.  In terms of a recent media item from Rehoboth, DE, the latter is the case.


At a Rehoboth town meeting on November 15th, Article 14 was defeated.  Article 14 would have enabled the Board of Selectmen to establish criminal background checks on any men or women who wish to become elected/appointed town officials.  If the criminal background checks came back with a felony conviction on the person’s record, he or she would be ineligible to hold the position or office.


Throughout the country, similar measures have passed in a variety of towns, counties and cities; but in Rehoboth, the story is different.  The majority of voters felt that background checking for felonies was a potential invasion of privacy.  Thus, Article 14 never got off the ground.


In the end, it’s hoped that Article 14 will rise from the ashes again; after all, background checks are critical in today’s political and professional arena.  Generally speaking, the only ones who have anything to fear are typically those individuals with something to hide.  And if that’s the case, it’s important that they not be given positions of power without full disclosure of their pasts.


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Boy Scouts Know Value of Background Checks

As this article from Dallas shows, the Boy Scouts of America know exactly how important background checks are when it comes to protecting the safety of kids.

As the piece points out, the Boy Scouts make all volunteers go through criminal checks to ensure that there are no persons working with children who should not be.  In fact, the Boy Scouts keeps files on all individuals who have been deemed as unacceptable… and they have done so since the 1920s.

Have the Boy Scouts had their issues with bad hiring decisions?  Certainly.  But they’ve also put into place excellent measures along the way.  And your organization (or the organization where your son or daughter is attending classes, sports, etc.) could take a page out of the Scouts’ progress in this arena.

If you don’t currently background check volunteers and/or employees, you need to start doing so.  No agency or business can afford the backlash of a critical error in judgment that could have been prevented.