When You Background Check, Youre Protecting Your Current Employees

Most employers don’t consider background checking their new hires as being a way to protect their current employees, but that’s a huge outcome of making certain all workers brought into an office have been properly vetted.  (It’s also a selling point for potential new hires because they know that they’ll be secure at the organization.)


Let’s consider bit of investigating, he would have discovered the problem immediately.


Using this anecdote as a platform to make the point, the employer is really like the shepherd, and it’s up to him or her to maintain a safe environment for all employees.  With background checks, companies are taking all the steps necessary to lessen the chances that someone with nefarious tendencies or desires will find themselves on their payrolls.


What kind of shepherd are you going to be?  One who takes the job seriously or one who looks the other way when solvable problems arise?

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Could a Background Check Save a Life?

Obviously, we’re proponents of background checks for employees; after all, it’s our business to protect companies and those who work for them.  But could a background check actually save lives?  A recent story from Michigan sure supports that theory…

In a nutshell, a very routine background check uncovered what turned out to be a huge scam perpetrated by a gentleman who had passed him off as a PhD and MD for 15 years.  In his position, he used his fake doctorate status to obtain grant monies and conduct research.  Not one person Electronic Cigarette had uncovered his deception.  It took a relatively quick background check to expose his decade-and-a-half of lies.

To our knowledge, no one died from this man’s care, thankfully. 

Could there be others out there passing themselves off as doctors, lawyers, psychologists, etc.?  There’s little doubt.  Yet a simple background check performed by a highly trained group of specialists can stop such subterfuge in its tracks.

The next time your business considers “saving money” by forgoing background screening for all new hires, think again.  Your background check could literally save lives.


What Company Doesn’t Want Great Employees?

“I have great employees!”  What CEO, VP, manager or supervisor wouldn’t want to be able to announce that to all the world and really, honestly, sincerely mean it?  The answer is:  ALL OF THEM!  Yet without background checks, getting great employees is going to be tough.


Background screening of all new hires can immediately weed out the hucksters from the hard workers.  Not only can comprehensive background checks save you time and money, but they can also tell you:


·         Any discrepancies on a would-be employee’s job application and/or resume.  (This includes work histories and educational backgrounds.)

·         Whether or not your candidate has a criminal record.  (Don’t assume you can easily find this out, either; without the help of a professional screening organization, you could be duped.)

·         If your potential employee has left a positive trail… or a negative one… in his/her wake.  (Reference checking the RIGHT way can give an incredible amount of info!)


There’s no reason for you NOT to have great employees.  They’re out there, they want to work and they’ll be your stars for a good, long time.  However, if you aren’t background checking, you may miss a diamond-in-the-rough for the false dazzle of a polished cubic zirconia.  And that would be a shame.


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4 NEW Reasons to Background Check Applicants

Think you know all the reasons to background check new hires?  Here are 4 you might not have considered!

  1. Your applicant could be lying about ANYTHING on his/her resume.  It’s true.  From dates to company names to titles… and what employer wants to spend the time ferreting that information out?  It’s better to pay a background screening company to do their job!
  2. You can tell vendors that your background check all employees.  That way, they feel safe and comfortable doing business with you.  And speaking of security…
  3. You can have a better assurance that you won’t be putting your current employees at risk by ushering a “wolf” into the fold.  And that lets you sleep at night.
  4. You can market the fact that you background screen all new hires.  This has a two-fold advantage.  First, the public knows you’re serious about safety.  And secondly, anyone who wants a job at your company will realize he/she has to pass a background check.
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  • Criminal Background Checks – Great Ways to Ensure a Safer Workplace

    Granted — there is no way to make any workplace 100% safe; however, by implementing criminal background checks on all potential new hires, companies can hedge their bets in a very valuable way.

    Having someone with a criminal record on staff can be quite hazardous to your organization’s reputation in a number of ways:

    1.  The person may have criminal tendencies that he/she could pursue under your employ.

    2.  If word gets around the office that you hired someone with a criminal past, you could lose the corporate culture you’ve striven to build.  You could even lose solid employees who are concerned about their new co-worker.

    3.  If word gets out to your clients or vendors, you might find yourself in a bad place.  People just naturally hesitate to deal with those who have spent time in prison or been in trouble with the law. 

    Certainly, some states — notably Illinois and Massachusetts — are now trying to make it illegal for private and public businesses to conduct criminal background checks on applicants.  In our estimation, while that may seem “fair” to the employee, it isn’t in the best interest of the employer.  After all, that employer should be able to make decisions based on all the facts.

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  • 5 Reasons Employers Don’t Background Screen, part one

    With all the hubbub these days about protecting our companies, our client, our clients’ information, etc., it’s interesting (and a bit shocking) to realize that many, many organizations don’t background screen new hires.

    Below are the top 5 reasons (you could even say “excuses”) that we hear when we ask, “Why don’t you background screen on a regular basis?”  We’ve included our two cents, too…

    (False) Reason #1:  Background Screening Is Expensive

    This seems to be a “catch-all” statement that corporations make when they don’t want to do something.  “It’s expensive,” they say.  Then they go out and spend their monies on wooing a client with a $200 lunch. 

    Now, there’s no reason not to woo that client; hey, that makes great business sense if a sale seems likely.  So why don’t they use that same mentality to apply to background screening?  After all, investing in new hires is very much like investing in potential clientele.

    (False) Reason #2:  Background Screening Will Cause Us to Lose Applicants

    Okay, now this could be true… but it’s usually not a problem. 

    The people who would NOT apply because they know a company performs background checks are often the same individuals who would not pass a background screening.  Thus, the fact that they know what’s going to happen encourages them to self-select.

    (False) Reason #3:  Background Screening Doesn’t Tell Us Everything

    Okay… there’s some truth to this.  Background screening isn’t 100% infallible.  Sometimes, items can slip through the cracks… but it’s not very likely and we try as hard as we can to NEVER allow this to happen.  (And we have a terrific track record to back us up on this!)  

    Besides, is that a reason to not do it at all?  It’s like saying that you shouldn’t bother to take a shower every day because you’re just going to get dirty…  It might hold a grain of truth, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    In part two of our series on 5 Reasons Employers Don’t Background Screen, we’ll tackle the last two statements we often hear…

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  • 5 Ways to Get Your Company Brass to Understand the Need for Background Checks

    Do you have a boss (or bosses) who don’t seem to “get” the importance of performing background checks on new hires?

    Try these 5 methods to get them on your side!

    1. You’ll weed out undesirable applicants from the get-go because you can put “must pass a comprehensive background check” in your job advertisement.
    2. You’ll be able to tell prospective clients that they’ll be working with people who have passed background checks, which will give them a sense of comfort in working with your firm.
    3. You’ll have less of a chance of becoming a media story, which would happen if an employee committed a crime.
    4. Your chances of “insider” theft and/or sabotage will be reduced.  (And let’s face it — one act of sabotage can equate to thousands and thousands of dollars in damages.)
    5. You won’t spend much on background checks, as companies like VerifyProtect have made their processes fast and affordable.
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  • Background Checks Should Be a Part of the Solution…

    If you’re an employer who conducts background checks on all new personnel, congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step to ensuring that you’re hiring decent individuals.  But don’t rely on background checks alone.  A comprehensive hiring strategy must be a part of any company’s plan for success.

    What else should you include in your interviewing process in addition to background checks

    • Always check references.  You can do this yourself or hire a third party provider to do it for you.
    • Always check past employers.  Again, this is something that can be handled in or out of house.
    • Establish protocols for interviews.  This will set a tone for how all your new hires are interviewed.
    • Train any interviewers.  Don’t assume that a good employee will be a good interviewer.  Get him or her training.
    • Don’t allow anyone to hire on “gut instincts”.  Sometimes, your gut can be wrong… and that can cost you money, time and, unfortunately, your reputation.
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  • Employees Shouldn’t Blab about Background Check Results

    As important as it is to have a procedure for background checking all potential new hires, it’s equally as important to have expectations for how the data is handled. This is especially true in the day and age of the Internet.

    Consider this scenario:

    If a terrible (or even shocking) background check comes back on a potential job candidate, it might be tempting for your employees to talk about those findings on any of the popular social networking sites. (And yes, this does happen – people have been fired for what they say on Facebook, and that fact can’t be taken lightly by employers.)

    This means you have to find a good way to deal with the background check results you receive. Not only should they be treated with the highest degree of confidentiality, but anyone handling them should be aware that it’s unacceptable to talk about the findings with anyone who doesn’t need to know.

    Though it may seem to be “common sense” that your workers would understand their responsibility in this arena, you can’t take too many precautions.

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  • Why Really Small Businesses Still Aren’t Background Checking Employees

    Even though businesses of all sizes know that they should ideally be checking the backgrounds of every person they hire, many very small companies are still wavering in their commitment to do so.Why aren’t these smaller organizations protecting themselves by conducting background checks on new hires? Though their reasons vary, here are a few of the most common excuses:

    - They think that background screening is too costly. Though it’s actually quite economically-priced (check out the affordable options at our site!), business owners are worried that background checks will somehow negatively affect their bottom lines.

    - They haven’t hired before and don’t know how to work with a background screening company. For these business owners, not conducting background checks happens because they simply are not aware of their options.

    - They don’t hire very often. If there isn’t a hiring process at the company, background screening of applicants won’t be part of the culture.

    - They feel they can hire based on “gut instincts”. As any entrepreneur who has been burned by a bad employee can attest, the “guts” can be wrong.

    If you’re the founder or president of a very small company, don’t allow any of the above excuses to keep you from performing background checks on any person who will be on your payroll. In the end, it’s the smart thing to do.

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