Settles Lawsuit by Agreeing to Background Checks

Last week Internet dating site agreed to conduct background checks on its members in order to settle a lawsuit brought by a woman who was raped by a man she met on the dating service website. The man had six previous convictions for sexual offenses. He pleaded “no contest” to a charge of sexual battery and is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 19.

Before the lawsuit, was not conducting background checks on its members, despite the fact that another former member also had been convicted of raping his date. Instead included disclaimers on its website that advised members to meet in public places and take other safety precautions.

But because it is sending potential dates to other members, there will be more responsibility taken to lessen the risk of harm being done to a member by using background checks and sex offender registries to weed out those with criminal records.

The development signals a probable shift in the way other online dating services conduct business as well. Industry experts and lawyers expect other dating sites to follow suit with some kind of formal, across-the-board criminal background check.

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Match.coms Move Toward Background Checks A Sign of The Times

Online dating opened the door to a whole new world for people hoping to meet Mr. or Miss Right. But now some in the popular industry are realizing they need to more carefully scrutinize who they let in that door. Online dating service recently announced it would begin conducting background checks on its members by cross-checking users against a national sex offender registry. The decision came in response to an alleged sexual assault that occurred by a member on a date set up by the dating service. A lawsuit has been filed against them in the case.


The move is a simple step but a significant one, and is most likely Pokies a harbinger of other changes to come. While more employers in businesses across all industries have been recognizing the need for thorough a background check on employees, all those in the business of people — child care, elder care, health care, dating services, churches, support groups and the like — should heed the call to conduct a comprehensive criminal background screening to make sure they don’t have a criminal record.


Such screening can provide protection against online predators with previous criminal convictions, including assaults, domestic violence, burglary, fraud, identity theft, drug offenses and many other crimes that could endanger the welfare of other employees, members or patrons. 



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When Background Check Results and Your Instincts Dont Match Up

It’s bound to happen at some point in time… your “gut instincts” toward a job candidate tell you he or she is perfect for the position.  However, when the background check comes back, you learn that you’ve been incorrect in your assumptions.


What gives?  How could your “sixth sense” be so off-base?


First of all, don’t worry – it isn’t you.  Secondly, that’s why you get background checks on all job candidates about whom you’re serious.


See, we “connect” with people for any number of reasons – they say what we want to hear, they make us feel comfortable, they remind us of individuals we like, they seem eager to please, they flatter us, etc.  And that instant connection can often lead to a feeling of sudden trust.


Background checks enable us to step away from emotionally making human resources decisions.  Job candidate vetting isn’t left to our senses alone, but to specific documentation.  Thus, not only are you ensured that the job candidate is someone with whom you want to work, but that he or she is also someone whose background is clear.


In the end, it’s fine to “go with your gut” in other areas of business.  But when it comes to hiring, your instincts can be wrong. 

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Making Taxi Cabs Safer in Santa Monica

Have you ever gotten into a taxi and suddenly wondered, “Is this driver an okay person?”  It’s a strange situation to be in – you need to go somewhere, but you’re suddenly realizing that you’ve gotten into a vehicle with an individual about whom you know nothing.


In Santa Monica, CA, steps are being taken to remedy that fear.  Namely, making certain all cabbies have been properly background checked before they can get behind the wheel of a taxi.


The new leah remini pokies law that recently passed states that the Santa Monica City Hall has the right to background check taxi cab drivers for the protection of riders. 


Though some taxi cab franchise owners from Santa Monica feel that the move is invasive, City Hall is sticking to its guns.  In their defense, they cite the reality that knowledge is power… and the more they know about cabbies, the better chance they have to avoid problems in the future.


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Be Very Careful When Hiring Background Screening Agencies

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no background screening agencies are the same.  They all have their own processes and reputations… and that means it’s critical for you as an employer to find the one that’s going to provide you with:


ü  Security

ü  Value

ü  Speed


The Security Factor…


In terms of security, background screening agencies need to be cognizant of the fact that you’re giving them personal data.  That data should NEVER be allowed to get into the hands of anyone who does not have the right to see it.  Unfortunately, many so-called background screening agencies do not take the steps to properly protect the data given annasophia robb lil pokies to them. 


The Value Factor…


It’s necessary that you feel your background screening agency is giving you value for your money.  Though you don’t want to just go with the “cheapest” option, you do want to feel like you’re getting what you pay for. 


The Speed Factor…


Decisions like whether or not to hire someone must be made in an efficient timeframe.  Otherwise, you risk a) losing a great employee or b) being able to move on to other job candidates (should the prospect prove not so terrific.)


Vet your background screening agency carefully and you’ll reap the rewards of your due diligence.


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5 Low-Cost Ways to Ensure Your Hiring Processes are Solid

Are your hiring processes up to par?If you haven’t been happy with the way your company finds, screens and retains new employees, try these 5 low-cost ways to ensure that you’re getting the right people.

1. Shorten Your Hiring Cycle

Studies have shown that, for certain jobs (such as those in sales and customer service), the longer your hiring cycle, the lower your chances of snagging the best people for the job. This doesn’t mean you should rush through your hiring processes, of course, but if you have unnecessary lag time, it’s a good idea to identify and eliminate it.

2. Pick Background Screening Packages That Make Sense

It doesn’t make sense for you to background screen every position the exact same way. If you’re currently performing the same checks on every new person that walks through the door, you’re spending money needlessly. (FYI – Click here for a fast way to determine what kind of background screening each employee needs.)

3. Teach Your Managers How to Interview

Can this be stressed enough? It’s critical that everyone in your company understand the most efficient ways to determine if a job candidate is worth pursuing. In fact, you may even want to hold a class on how to read a resume (or CV). Don’t assume that managers have these skills already; many of them have never had any education in this area.

4. Ask Current Employees about Their Hiring Experience with Your Company

Check around and see how current employees felt about the way they were hired by your organization. Did they feel it was professionally handled? Were they bothered by any aspect of it? What would they suggest changing? (You may want to position this as an anonymous questionnaire to elicit genuine responses.)

5. Put a System (or Systems) into Place

If you don’t have a hiring system in place, it’s time to start. Your hiring system doesn’t have to be complicated, either. It’s just a step-by-step explanation of how you go about getting from the “we’re looking for a person” phase to the “welcome aboard” phase.

  • VerifyProtect: Fast, Secure, Affordable Background Checks.
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  • What Kind of Background Screening Solutions Do You Need?

    You know that you need to conduct background screenings on new (and perhaps current) employees, but which ones do you really need?  Is a pre-employment credit report necessary?  How about a multi-state criminal database check?  Would you feel best knowing that his/her previous place of employment has been verified?  Is a social security search/trace going overboard? 

    First of all, congratulations on asking yourself these very tough questions.  Many employers don’t even take these thoughts into consideration until it’s too late and a problem has arisen.  So you’re one step ahead of your competitors.

    Next, know that there are fast, easy ways to determine what kinds of background screening solutions you need for each of the positions in your company.  Whether you have a staff of five or a team of 200, you can find your answers efficiently at VerifyProtect’s simple evaluation tool.  Just answer the prompts and you’ll soon receive suggestions on which kind of background checks would be useful for your circumstances.

    For instance, for a professional outside sales representative’s role, VerifyProtect’s tool recommends the following screenings at a minimum:

    • Social Security Search/Trace
    • Multi-State Criminal Database Search
    • Previous Employer Verification

    Other items that are recommended include:

    • Statewide and County Criminal Records
    • Standard Driver Motor Vehicle Report
    • Personal Reference Verification

     No fuss, no muss, and answers are available at the touch of a keypad.  Now that’s a good use of five minutes!  Try the VerifyProtect tool today!

    Drug Testing: It Can’t Be Done with Your Eyes

    We’d all like to live in a world that isn’t affected by the use of illegal substances by employees, but that’s just not the reality.  If you’ve ever wondered if drug testing should be undertaken at your facility, check out the sobering facts below.

    According to the U.S. Department of Justice:

    • 15% of those surveyed had used an illegal drug in the past year and 8% had used an illegal drug in the past month.
    • Marijuana and cocaine use is most common in 18-25 year olds.
    • Almost 1% of survey respondents over the age of 26 had used cocaine in the past month; 4.2% of the same population reported using marijuana during that same time frame.
    • About 8.2% of full-time workers are users of illicit drugs.

    So if you think that you can conduct drug testing with your eyes, you’re taking a huge risk.  Instead of rolling the dice, turn to drug testing to ensure that whomever you hire is fit and ready for the job.

    “We Don’t Need Background Screening Here”

    “We don’t need background screening at our company.”

    It’s a commonly-said, perfectly understandable phrase.  After all, background checks require an investment of time and money.  Additionally, some job applicants (especially those in higher-level positions) become ruffled when told they’ll need to pass a background screening as a condition of their employment.

    Really, it couldn’t hurt to just bypass background checks altogether, right?

    Well… no. 

    Here’s why:

    Each year, millions of dollars are stolen through employee theft.  Employers trust that their workers are going to be ethical; after all, they seemed to be qualified and enthusiastic!  But what those same employers overlook is that even the most affable, educated employee could have a penchant for pilfering.

    Not all employee theft is readily noticeable, either.  A few dollars here and there could easily go undetected for months, even years.  But a mere $10 filched each day quickly adds up.

    In the end, background screenings can be an excellent measure to stave off employee theft.  Are they a cure-all?  Nope.  But they are a means of protecting the financial and cultural interests of an organization, especially when used in tandem with rock-solid hiring practices and diligent accounting. 

    Employment and Education Verification Made Simpler

    You’ve interviewed a couple of “ideal” candidates for your job opening.  But before you “pop the question”, as it were, you have to conduct some background checks.  Namely, you need to address your potential new-hires’ previous employment and/or education history.

    Sounds easy, right?  Yet it’s not as cut-and-dry as it seems.  First of all, employers and institutes of education do not always get back to you in a timely fashion; thus, if you have other responsibilities, you could spend days hunting them down.  Secondly, do you know what to ask when you finally get your target audience on the telephone?  This can be tricky, even for the savviest of business pros, as there is a right… and a wrong… way to verify someone’s employment or education.

    To make your job enormously simpler, why not hire a third party to conduct your employment verification and/or education verification screenings on your organization’s behalf?  That way, you won’t be spending your time focusing on a duty that might be better outsourced.  Even small to medium sized companies can benefit tremendously from releasing themselves from this (sometimes arduous) assignment.

    Of course, you might be tempted to just skip the employment or education verification for new hires.  (You’d be surprised how often this is done!)  However, if you seriously want to build a solid team, this isn’t the place to cut corners.  Instead, turn it over to a trusted partner and work on what you do best — growing your company.