Dont make assumptions when hiring seasonal workers

More assumptions are made about summer and seasonal workers than perhaps any other segment of the workforce. Think about it: If you hire seasonal workers in the summertime, how many of them are young adults? Do you assume what kind of past they have based on the way they dress or where they go to school? Do you assume they’re too young to have a criminal record? Do you assume, if they worked for you last summer, or perhaps several summers in a row, that they haven’t gotten into any trouble in the nine months since you last saw them? If a highly respected, returning employee has brought a friend, cousin or brother to apply for a job with you as well, do you assume anything about their employability based mostly on the personal reference given to you by your current (or former) employee?

Employers need to make intelligent decisions on their seasonal and summer workforce that are based on facts, not assumptions. Many employers don’t bother with typical employment screening processes for seasonal employees, believing it to be too much hassle and too much money to spend on short-term workers. But your business is worth being careful with employees all the time, not just certain times of the year or with certain types of positions.

As you begin advertising for summer positions, and as the job applications start coming in, along with familiar faces of past seasonal employees popping into your office to see about summer work, make sure you’ve got impartial employment screening practices in place, so that you can be sure you’re hiring the most trustworthy employees, not just the familiar ones, or the ones you assume will be best.


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Employment Screening Should Be As Dynamic As Your Work Force

The business world today is a dynamic place where professionals with multiple specialties are called upon in enterprising ways to get many jobs done. What this means for employers is that a pre-employment background check can no longer be a cookie-cutter operation, the same simple reports generated for every individual in every instance.

On the contrary, employment screening needs to be as dynamic as the workforce you’re checking up on. Gone are the days of hgh human growth running someone’s name in a national database looking for a criminal history. Today companies check social media sites, credit scores, and a host of other information outlets to get the big picture on a potential (or current) employee’s strengths, weaknesses, history and potential.

When you’re looking for a reputable pre-employment screening service, make sure the company with whom you contract is as dynamic as the labor pool you’re drawing from.

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Small Businesses Need Background Checks to Survive in Uber-Competitive Global Economy

Straight from the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy come the following figures from 2009:


-         The almost 30 million U.S. small businesses employ over half of the country’s private sector workforce.

-         U.S. small businesses hire 40% of high tech employees.


This is the good news.  The bad news is that about half of all new small businesses close within five years of opening their doors. 


Much of the problem can be laid at the feet of the uber-competitive environment of a global economy.  Fast-paced services and innovative products have forced small businesses to stay at the top of their games.  And that means they don’t have time to deal with avoidable personnel issues… like hiring the wrong person.


That’s Levitra 10mg one of the reasons that background checks performed on all employees are absolutely essential for any small business that wants to succeed.  Not only are background checks a method of protecting a company’s reputation, but they can also mean the difference between being around for a five-year anniversary… or not.


Fortunately, background checks are available at an excellent value, even for start-ups with modest budgets.  And they offer a return on investment very quickly.  (Hiring mistakes can bring a small business to its knees.)


If you’re a small business, prepare yourself to be around for the long term.  Background check every worker you hire, including consultants.  Doing so will give you a leg-up on the competition.



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United States Not the Only Place That Should Background Check Workers

kid-in-tunnelSome Americans may think we’re the only place that worries about whether employees are background checked and verified before entering the workforce, but it’s really a global issue.

Case in point — recently, an Australian child agency came under fire when it came to light that the agency wasn’t completing background checks on foster parents (known as “carers” Down Under) as required by law.

The agency, Life without Barriers, gets a hefty chunk of change from the state (more than $100 million annually) to operate.  Thus, the background check issue came to light after an audit of the organization that had grown rapidly over the past few years.

As papers around the globe are now reporting, Life without Barriers made many decisions that could have cost children their promise of a safe haven.  In once instance, Life without Barriers allowed a foster parent to be part of their agency even though the parent had lost his/her children due to his/her domestic violence.  Other stories are comparably horrifying.

Of the foster parents involved with Life without Barriers, over half never went through the Australian “Working with Children Check”, a comprehensive background check that’s meant to protect the kids.  Even more shocking, almost two thirds of the foster parents had not gone through any kind of criminal background check.

It’s wonderful that this has come to light, but it highlights just how pervasive a problem it can be when an organization is supposed to background screen but instead takes the “easy way out”.  In the end, the piper will always be paid.

Take Risks in Business… Just Not with Background Checks

It’s fine to be a risk taker when it comes to business; after all, most entrepreneurs have a “risk taking” streak.  It’s all part of their nature and why they start their companies to begin with.

However, it’s not always appropriate to take risks, especially in the area of background checking.

Background checks are a means of offering an organization:

  • A higher level of security;
  • An increased amount of stability; and
  • A better, more solid workforce.

So why don’t more execs immediately turn to background checking when filling positions?  They feel it’s unnecessary and they’re just willing to take the “risk” if it doesn’t pan out.

Bad idea.

Not implementing background checks can be devastating to a business and (sometimes permanently) stunt its growth.  Read the papers — just one bad worker can completely wreak havoc on the future of a company.

It’s fine to take some chances, such as trying a new marketing campaign or opening the doors to a new store.  But don’t mess around with background checking; it’s one area that’s been proven to be worth its weight in gold.

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