Transportation Security Officials Rigorously Background Checked According to TSA

There’s been a huge hubbub (fueled by home video of children being “mishandled” by staff apparently unaccustomed to working with kids) recently over the new airport security procedures, specifically those involving “pat-downs”.  Consequently, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has begun a publicity campaign to assure fliers that the screeners have been thoroughly background checked.

According to the TSA, all persons who are given the authority to “pat down” fliers have to undergo and pass a criminal background check.  This includes being fingerprinted and cross-referenced with FBI files. 

Disqualification for an airport screening job could include having a felony on one’s record (especially one that relates to a sexual offense), among other crimes for which the would-be employee has been convicted.

Our questions to you are as follows:

What kind of background checks would you want to make sure an airport screener undergoes?  And how often do you believe he/she should have to undergo those types of background checks to ensure the safety of fliers?

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USA Swimming Sex Abuses Highlight Need for Thorough Criminal Background Checks

A new story from ESPN highlights just how important thorough criminal background checks are when it comes to sports coaches working with kids.

USA Swimming has concluded that many previously-convicted child molesters have been able to slip through incomplete background checking systems and snag coaching positions that allow them to continue to abuse young persons.

As a result of this investigation, more complete background checks (including more in-depth criminal ones) will now be mandated for USA Swimming coaches.  As always, we encourage parents of any sport-playing child to demand that any person working with their youngster — whether volunteer or paid staff — be completely vetted. 

After all, no organization — even the large USA Swimming — can afford this kind of national scandal.

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